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About Abulkhase PLC

Envisaged in 1988, Abulkhase P.L.C along with its sister company Abadir Enterprise has pioneered the supply of quality materials and equipment throughout several industries in Ethiopia. Using the expertise that has been attained in the last 20 years, Abulkhase P.L.C maintains successful supplier relations ranging from South America, Europe and the Far East. Furthermore, Abulkhase P.L.C a company devoted to the growth of the Ethiopian industry is an active owner in the Ethio-Danish joint venture of Engsko Ethiopia manufacturing and trading P.L.C, a company created to meet the local and global demand of grinding mill stones.

With an ethic of providing efficientafter sales service for all equipment and goods supplied through a dedicated staff of mechanics with a 60sqm workshop, sales executives and field trained professionals, Abulkhase P.L.C has been able to efficiently compete and establish itself as one of the industry’s market leaders. Moreover, through the excellent level of communication and relations that it maintains, Abulkhase P.L.C is known for in providing the full range of parts and components of all the equipment and materials it houses under its portfolio. Its vast client base indicates that, Abulkhase P.L.C has time and time again grown in reputation for the trust that it has established towards its client through itsefficientafter sales and ethical approach. Abulkhase P.L.C to further itscommitment to its esteemed client base and as a reliable supplier, it provides an adequate stock of all the items that it houses under its portfolio.


“Pioneering quality, reliability and efficiency in the Ethiopian market.”


“To become market leaders through a client conscious approach that ensures the provisions of quality products, sales and after sales services.”


• General importer,wholesale and retail distributor of over 13 various categories of products.

• Maintenance, and training services provider for the products and technology provided.

• Exporter of various types of seeds and vegetables.