About Addis Pharmaceutical Factory PLC


Welcome to APF, Ethiopia’s leading manufacturer of generic pharmaceuticals.

Along with over 90 lines of high quality generics we’ve been delivering confidence, reliability and hope to thousands of pharmacists, doctors and their patients across Africa for over 20 years. Making us the leading African pharmaceutical manufacturer for Africans.




Addis Pharmaceutical Factory (APF) PLC is the largest pharmaceutical manufacturing company headquartered at Adigrat, Tigray regional State of Ethiopia,  898 km away from Addis. The town is 2300 meters above sea level. The plant was constructed and equipped with high tech production facilities.

The company has been manufacturing more than 91 high quality pharmaceutical products of different therapeutic categories including Antibiotics, Gastro-intestinal drugs, Central Nervous system drugs, Cardiovascular drugs, anti diabetic agents, Antihistamines & Anti allergic, Antihelminthics, analgesics, Antiprotozoals,Respiratory drugs, dermatologicalsand Minerals & Vitamins and Large volume Parenterals; in various dosage forms.

The company has more than nine production lines and fully equipped laboratories as well as utilities capable of producing tablets, capsules, syrups/suspensions, dry powders for reconstitution, injectable vials, liquid injectable ampoules, creams and ointments which can generally be categorized as Non-Lactam products (Tablets, Capsules (General), Syrups/Suspensions, Ampoules (Sterile), Topical Ointments, Creams and Gels) and Lactam products (Vials (Sterile), Capsules and dry powders for reconstitution). The Lactam products are manufactured in dedicated lines, whereas other non-Lactam products are manufactured on a campaign basis in other manufacturing lines.

In 2009, the company acquired a second plant located at Akaki/ Kality sub city, Addis Ababa which is dedicated for the manufacturing of large volume Parenterals.

The company’s manufacturing processes are designed, directed, regularly monitored and controlled in line with cGMP recommendations, the company’s Quality Manual and directions of local Regulatory Authority. The company has managed to get a GMP certification from the local regulatory authority; Food, medicines and healthcare administration and control authority of Ethiopia, through a Certificate of Competence for Drug Manufacturing Plant.