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About Ayuda En Accion Ethiopia

We are a non-partisan and non-denominational NGO that fights against poverty and inequality. We promote dignity and solidarity for the construction of a just world .

We have more than 37 years of history . With your help today we work in 20 countries in Latin America, Asia, Africa and now also Spain and we support more than 2 million people


Our mission and vision

We promote the solidarity of people in a global world to promote that children, their families and populations suffering from poverty, exclusion and inequality, develop their capacities to achieve their aspirations for a dignified life, in a sustainable way.

We aspire to a world without poverty, exclusion and inequality. A world where people help each other and can develop their capacities, fully enjoy the human rights that correspond to them and participate through democratic channels in decisions that affect their lives to be the protagonists of their own development.