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About Hope Enterprise’s University College Hope Enterprises or Hope is a local NGO that was established in 1971 in Addis Ababa to help the needy help themselves through basic needs, education, competence, job and business mediation and value education. As Hope was completing its 32 years of humanitarian service in 2003, it’s then Executive Director, Dr. Minas Hiruy, recommended to the Board the establishment of an outstanding liberal arts university college by submitting a full-fledged proposal. After some discussion, the Board and the General Assembly of Hope accepted the proposal, establishing Hope University College as the first public benefits institution of higher learning in the country on November 25, 2003.  Soon after, the Board adopted a new structure comprising the Ladders of Hope that subsumed the existing and non-college activities of Hope as one division and Hope University College as another division, opening the way for the university college to operate autonomously.


The University College believes in goodwill to humankind and to nature and in the concretization of this concern as a step to making the world a community of hope, justice, peace and progress. The University College holds dear the advancement of liberal education as a means of personal and social transformation and regards the provision of education to all as an important public responsibility.


The vision of the University College is to contribute to the renewal and transformation of society through knowledge and value based education and graduates who can make a difference using what they had gained in the university college.


The University College, having a mission to provide aspiring leaders the option of pursuing world-class education without leaving their country and cultural setting, shall enable the development of leaders, who being capable of independent work, problem solving, analysis, innovation and reflection, can make a difference in the development of society and in mutually and sustainably supportive relations between man and nature.

Mission Statement

Developing leadership for a world of hope