About Gayo Pastoral Development Initiative (GPDI) Gayo Pastoral Development Initiative (GPDI) is a Not-For-Profit, National NGO established in 2003. It is re-registered by Ethiopian government Charities and Civil society Organization proclamation number 621/2009 by the Democratic Republic of Ethiopian charities and societies Agency as the Ethiopian Resident Charities. The overall goal of GPDI is “To reduce exposures of target pastoral communities to vulnerability and improve their food and social securities.”It focuses on: Disaster Risks reduction, Sustainable Livelihood and Alternative Options, Sustainable Natural Resource Management; Water, Sanitation and Hygiene; Modeling Pastoral Education, Strengthen Institutional Capacity and Create Conducive environment for development intervention.
Therefore, GPDI seek to invite competent applicants for the following post, join an indigenous organization and contribute to improving the living situation of the rural poor in Pastoralist areas while preserving natural ecosystem.