About RET Energy Engineering

RET – Renewable Energy Technology

RET with headquarters in Piazza, Arada Sub-city, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, is one of the leading turnkey sustainable energy solution provider and wholesale distributer of renewable energy components in East Africa. RET Energy has been specialized in sales, evaluation and design, procurement, installation, system  test & commissioning, and monitoring, maintenance and after-sales service of renewable energy system since 2012.

The RET Energy business activities include two divisions:

Component Trade

The Renewable Energy Components and Sales Division is responsible for the wholesaling of selected high quality renewable energy components. With the One-Stop Shop, RET provides the most efficient B-to-B market platform for the renewable energy components.

Turnkey Project and System


The turnkey project and System team is a service division, realizing entire projects for renewable energy solutions including system sizing, the design of complete renewable energy systems, procurement, installation, test & commissioning and providing end user and operators training. Through our experiences and the expertise of our company, we are able to give our customers technical advice on design, engineering and installation of renewable energy systems for all kinds of applications.