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About Rabah and sons PLC

Rabah and Sons Plc is a private business firm established in 1991 incorporated by Rabah and Sons. The company specializes in deep water well drilling and water development schemes.

The business venture of the company is not limited to only water related professions, It is involved in general constructions, imports and procurements. The company’s main priority is water development schemes and road constructions this is the area of high demand from our customers. The company strictly adheres to the relevant policies of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia on water resources development, general constructions and procurement.

Ethiopia faces recurrent droughts and water shortages, which has been devastating effect on both human and animal life. The Somali Regional State is one of the regional states worst affected by water shortage. To address this problem, the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia has given top priority to the development of water resources sector and availability of water for human and life stock consumption and irrigation projects.

Rabah and Sons is one of the main private companies directly participate the public development projects to the Somali Regional State of Ethiopia. The company’s specialization in water development experiences match the goal of the Federal Government share common objective in alleviating the water shortage in the country in general and Somali region in particular. The company is currently engaged in water well drilling projects and constructions in many areas in the Somali Regional State of Ethiopia.

The company Empowered

The company currently owns three heavy duty trucks mounted percussion drilling machines fully equipped with all required equipments, tools, spare parts and well trained manpower. All the three rigs have the capacity to drill up to 300m in all types of geological formations.

Furthermore, one additional drilling machine equipped rotary machines that can drill up to 400 m will commence work very soon. The importation of these drilling machines will effectively upgrade the capacity of the company. After the importation of these additional drilling machines, the drilling capacity of the company will be as high as 50-60 deep wells per year.