About Inter Aide France Inter Aide specializes in carrying out development programs for particularly poor rural families.
In 2017, Inter Aide led 47 programs in 6 countries, and helped 124,270 beneficiary families meet their vital needs.
Since Inter Aide’s creation in 1980, the work carried out has been in the following fields: Water, Sanitation and Hygiene, Agriculture, Health and School support.
The programs target remote rural areas where the population density is high, where there are few or no NGOs, and where the political situation is relatively stable so that the programs can be effective.


Inter Aide‘s programs aims at helping some of the most vulnerable communities better meet their vital needs through development. Since creation in 1980, while confirming its founding objectives, the association has clarified its role in response to changing contexts.

Inter Aide’s mission is to:

  • Target very high-intensity needs areas, which combine socio-economic precariousness and high population density, and where vital needs can be addressed effectively, be it in terms of access to water, sanitation and hygiene – agricultural development – healthcare – schooling support.
  • Focus its efforts on a limited number of countries.
  • Combine the requirement of time, that is necessary to build detailed knowledge of the local context, with the brevity of the support cycles, in order to best use the capacities of latent initiatives and to generate sustainable local dynamics.
  • Develop specific methods based on the beneficiaries’ involvement throughout the project, and a close relationship between the field teams and the families in question.
  • Ensure that actions are effective, methods can be reproduced, costs are properly managed and results well assessed.
  • Promote, whenever possible, public / private partnerships with a view to extending and sustaining actions.
  • Capitalize on and share the most significant experiences published on the «Pratiques» exchange network.