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About Fairtrade Africa

Fairtrade is a global movement which addressees the injustices of conventional trade by supporting smallholder farmers and workers to secure better terms of trade.

Fairtrade Africa, a member of the wider International Fairtrade movement represents Fairtrade certified producers in Africa and the Middle East.

A world in which producers in developing countries can enjoy secure and sustainable livelihoods, fulfil their potential and decide on their future.


  • We support our members to strengthen their organisations in line with Fairtrade standards.
  • We will improve and increase our members’ ability to access Fairtrade markets .
  • We will empower our members to advocate for their interests and take active ownership of the global fair-trade system.
Strategic Plan
  1. Deliver relevant valued services to Fairtrade smallholders and workers.
  2.  Build, secure and sustain access to market for our members.
  3.  Advocacy
  4.  Build a strong, settled producer network as part of a global system