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About Kaliti Food S.C. Kaliti Foods Share Company (KFSC henceforth) is a manufacturer of packaged foods & staple commodity products based in Ethiopia.

The Company distributes its products to both commercial and non-commercial (institutional) market segments. While the Commercial segment includes retailers such as supermarkets, Kiosks & mini-marts while the non-commercial segment comprises of the FDRE Defense Forces, Universities, Correctional Centers (Prisons), Major Wholesalers, Schools & non-profit organizations.

Although the Company’s core business is generated from the Biscuits category, KFSC offers an assortment of good quality, affordably priced products in three additional categories including Flour, Bread as well as Pasta & Macaroni.

KFSC develops & markets multiple brands   to multiple local market concepts such as ‘Sweet Foods’, ‘Staple Commodities’ & ‘Packaged Novelties’.

The Company currently employs 368 permanent staff and a monthly average of 75 casual workers.