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About Joytech PLC

Joytech is an agricultural labor of love, owned and managed by skilled and experienced growers. Our technologically advanced methods for growing fresh herbs and flowers and for plant propagation, are rooted in over 40 years of accrued agricultural skills and 15 years of operations in Ethiopia.

Situated among the green highlands of Ethiopia, with two farms located in close proximity to the capital city of Addis Ababa and its international airport, Joytech benefits from optimal diversity in growing conditions and excellent transportation logistics for improved food safety assurance.

Exporting 365 days a year to Europe, Japan, Russia, and the Middle East, Joytech has been growing and shipping a wide assortment of fresh agriculture produce from Ethiopia since its inception
in 2003.  We provide our clients a one-stop-shop ensuring quality produce is grown, sourced, and delivered year round and at the highest standards.

 Joytech’s exceptional farms are home to more than 1500 permanent employees, 70% of whom are women. Over 45 university graduates work at Joytech and the number is steadily rising. This reflects our involvement in creating rewarding career opportunities for Ethiopians seeking higher education. We are proud to be able to provide vital and fair employment opportunities in a safe, congenial, and community-oriented atmosphere, and to support individuals in their quest to advance professionally through a variety of sponsored training, teaching, and educational programs.