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About TimeX Trading P.L.C

Timex Trading Private Limited Company was established in the year 2008 G.C with the share capital of 31,523,000.00 (twenty million seventy-one thousand) owned (as a major shareholder) and managed by Ato Tibebeselassie Awetahegn. Timex is  engaged in import/export business where it imports and/or assembles for sale or rental of heavy earth moving equipments ( dozers, loaders, excava­tors ), construction equipments (water pumps, water related pipes, fittings and valves, vibrators, compactors, mixers, etc.), and power generating sets. As a means of achieving import substitution and saving foreign currency through local value-addition, Timex set up an assembly plant that assembles construction equipments which were final imported previously. 

Timex, in addition instills a workshop to provide counseling, after sales services and maintenance (preventive and break down) of equipment procured from it on a short or long-term contractual basis. The company has also diversifies its business to export sector where it strives to export highly demanded products to the world market (coffee, sesame, pulses and cereals).

The company is a leader in construction market enjoying an over 30% market share (April 2019) in the country and has most of the reputable class one and other contractors as well as governmental agencies in its customer lists. Timex envisions being a regional leader in engineering, manufacturing and delivery of high value added quality products and solutions in the construction and power sector.