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About ICM Communication PLC

What we do

We see a world where all people have access to information and unlimited support for maximizing health and well being. A world where everyone – individuals, organizations, business, government – works together to end disease, suffering, hate, violence, and discrimination. A world where the power of marketing and communication is harnessed to bring us to a better place - a better world. We believe in the importance of the issues we choose to work on and in the strength of our client partnerships. Our goal is to improve society by designing and implementing social marketing campaigns that achieve high levels of community education, self-efficacy and beneficial behavior change. We offer our skills, passion, experience, commitment, and creativity. We value integrity over money, and relationships over profits. We believe in ideas and the power of communication. Our services cover every component of social marketing – from needs assessment and formative research, to message development and testing, all types of production, media planning and buying, public relations and earned media, and impact monitoring and evaluation.

What We Believe

Here at Impact Communication we believe that every individual and organisation has the potential to be an agent for positive change. We also believe in the power of communication to bring about social or environmental change. Our experience has shown us that the most effective way for organisations like yours to communicate is through sustainable communication. Sustainable communication is about making the best possible use of people and money to deliver maximum impact from minimum resource. It is the perfect approach to take if your organisation cares about people, is concerned about climate change and wants to get the best possible return for your investment.