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About Lovegrass Agro Processing

An outstanding combination of natural nutrients that promote endurance, performance and overall good health elevate teff above other grains, giving its ‘super-food’ status. Lovegrass was established to bring prosperity to Ethiopia and its people through the commodity of ጤፍ (teff).

With its offices in Addis as well as London, Lovegrass is a start-up born to bring about global recognition to this wonder grain and the hands that have toiled for centuries to sustain the farming traditions and preserve its nutritional values to the fullest, free from pesticides and chemicals.

By affording teff farmers the acknowledgment and opportunity to trade with the world, we are empowering them to raise themselves out of poverty and live better lives. Equally, we are passionate about the fact that all consumers, wherever in the world they live, should be able to access quality teff based products telling the story of this spectacle grain.

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