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About W.A Oil Factory & Distribution PLC WA is here for the long-term. We are here to build a nation. We invest in people and help them create Wealth. We partner with the future. The founder is a visionary. His team works with passion. The WA group and its investments came into being with a strategy, hard work, and springs from a humble background and a spirit of entrepreneurship.

Our company comes into existence from a vision of its founder, Worku Aytenew, who invested in the Palm Oil importation business, commercial farming, mining, aviation, and real estate. He was one of the businessmen who supplies palm oil to the local market at a regulated price point with the objective of attaining corporate social responsibility to support the lower of the pyramid consumer base.

W.A comes into existence with the purpose of oilseed crushing, crude palm, and, crude oilseed refinery and with the support of more than 1,000 employees,  the factory can now manufacture sesame oil, soya oil, sunflower oil, groundnut oil, nigger seed oil, and palm oil