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About Arzte Der Welt

The humanitarian aid organization Ärzte der Welt e. V. is the German division of the international network Médecins du Monde/Doctors of the World (MDM). The 17 members of the network implement domestic and international health care projects, currently almost 417 projects in 74 countries around the world.

MDM provides emergency medical aid in disaster and crisis situations, supports access to health care and, if possible, assists with reconstruction measures as well as long-term development co-operations in neglected regions around the world. MDM ensures that its health services are provided equally to the most vulnerable citizens, internally displaced people and host communities, regardless of their ethnic, social, religious or political background.

MDM has been working in Ethiopia since 1986, implementing different types of health projects from long-term interventions to emergency response. MDM Germany became operational in the country independently in 2021, pursuing two programmatic approaches: firstly, support for local partner in development-oriented projects and secondly, implementing larger scale emergency humanitarian intervention in Somali Region for the drought and conflict affected communities.