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About Action Aid Ethiopia

ActionAid Ethiopia (AAE) is a gender justice, good governance, and poverty eradication international organization. It envisions a country where all enjoys their rights equally and live a dignified life. Its heart lies on gender equality where it designs its frameworks and operations on women’s and girls’ living in poverty and exclusion, young people’s meaningful engagement to fulfil their rights, ensure redistribution of resources and build their resilience. Its interventions are guided by the Human Rights Based Approach, Transformative Feminist Leadership, and Intersectional Feminist Analysis program approaches.

ActionAid Ethiopia believes that Gender justice and poverty eradication are achieved through purposeful individual and collective action to bring socio-economic changes from household level to local, national and international levels. Empowerment of people living in poverty and women leadership with the support of their allies is crucial to drive change that will ensure equality and poverty eradication.