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About Waliif Health Care S.C

Waliif health care share company was established by 4,000,000.00birr capital and increased its capital into 400 million birr by now. Currently Waliif health care share company has more than 12,000 shareholders. More than 500 members are medical doctors (MD), specialists and md associate professors, 300 Nurses, 100 Pharmacists, 15 Bio medical engineers, 30 HO, 20 Midwifes, 20 lab technologists, 05 anesthetist and 05 radiologists are among the shareholders of this company.

The current demand for high standard health care services is highly growing in Ethiopia specifically and in Africa in general due to demographics, socio-economic status, health facility status, and lifestyle of the people. However, weak health infrastructure and limited distribution systems in the countries complicate access to health service. Thus, the increasing demand for health care combined with inequities in coverage results serious health problems and feeling of dissatisfaction on the part of community. These and other complicated health care problems made the founding shareholders of the company to establish the company and strive to serve the society with the supply of pharmaceuticals and biomedical equipment in addition to health care services rendered by the firm..