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About QUEST /Millennium Water Alliance Ethiopia Program (MWA-EP)
The MWP ET Operations Manager is a key staff member of the MWP program in Ethiopia. Her/his primary responsibilities will include assisting the MWP Ethiopia Program Coordinator and the Ethiopia partners to ensure that design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of all program activities are in accordance with the strategies and standards developed by the MWP Program Management Group. He/she will also be responsible to design and develop an appropriate and viable Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation system and to ensure that MWP programs are performed as planned and to bring about the desired impact through monitoring, evaluation, research and documenting lessons learned. He/She will prepare and monitor budgets to ensure appropriate burn-rates; to ensure project reports are submitted on time and in a quality manner; and, assist the Program Coordinator to ensure other contract conditions of the donor are met and draw lessons for increasing program impact and sustainability. During the absence of the program coordinator, the Operations Manager will assume responsibility for assisting the MWP Ethiopia partners to ensure the MWP program is implemented, and will be empowered and made accountable to make program-level decisions in consultation with the MWA Executive Director and CARE Ethiopia’s Program Director.