About Woord en Daad
Woord en Daad connects people throughout the world in their fight to alleviate poverty, from a Biblical perspective. In this way, we wish to contribute to sustainable change in the Netherlands and worldwide. Woord en Daad works in the following areas: education, technical and vocational education and training, job placement, agribusiness and enterprise development, basic needs (food security and WASH), and emergency relief. In the Netherlands, Woord en Daad aims to make people, companies and the government aware of their responsibility with regard to poverty worldwide.
In Ethiopia Woord en Daad partners with Hope Enterprises. Having the aim of providing hope for the needy, it operates in five of the nine states of Ethiopia using the ladders of hope strategy. The “Ladders of Hope” take a participant through integrated building blocks that enable independent living. The building blocks are basic needs, education, competence, sufficiency and value maturity.” …  The Hope University College, having a mission to provide aspiring leaders the option of pursuing world-class education without leaving their country and cultural setting, shall enable the development of leaders, who being capable of independent work, problem solving, analysis, innovation and reflection, can make a difference in the development of society and in mutually and sustainably supportive relations between man and nature.