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About Webuild S.p.A Ethiopian Branch (Formerly Salini Impregilo S.p.A)

Salini Impregilo in Ethiopia

The Salini Impregilo Group has been present in Ethiopia since 1957. Over the years the Group has carried out works that are complex and ambitious, as regards technical specifications and their impact on local economy.

Each project has had a significant impact on the economy of the country: generating electricity, supplying drinking water in urban and rural areas, developing road infrastructure and building hospitals and other constructions for the community.

Currently, approximately 85% of the energy generated in the Country comes from hydroelectric systems, a result achieved thanks to the considerable investments made and the works completed.

Becoming a carbon neutral Country by 2025, and so free from the use of energy sources generated using fossil fuels, is a real challenge that the Ethiopian government is pursuing by indeed focusing on hydroelectric projects.

Ongoing projects


Once the dam is finished, it will be the largest of the African continent, measuring 1,800 m in length and 155 m in height, with a 74,000 million m3 reservoir.


The ambitious project, designed to exploit the water power of the Omo river is today joined by a new hydroelectric plant of large dimensions...

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