About D.H Geda Trade & Industry

    Duguma Hunde Geda, the founder of DH Geda, started his career in 1970 as a tailor with a mere capital of 85 birr (USD 8) and  built his empire into fortune. DH Geda Trade and Industry has become one of the leading establishments involved in a  broad spectrum of industries. DH Geda is involved in the production and marketing of paints, blankets, wheat flour,  acrylic yarn, and galvanized sheets. DH GEDA runs its newly built commercial center, DH Geda Tower, where its head quarters is stationed. The marketing and sales division operates out of head quarters with its ten shops in Merkato and  its branches which are located in major towns; Mekele, Harrer, Desse, Gonder, Bahir Dar, D/Markos, Shashemene, Jimma,  Nekemt and Wolayita as its sales distribution outlets. DH Geda strives to better serve its clients by implementing  backward and forward integration, such as; chemicals to paints, farming to flour, warp to blankets, and galvanization sheets.

    DH GEDA aims to create its global presence by becoming one of the leading competitively dynamic companies in the horn of Africa in producing and supplying construction materials such as roofing, paints, steel reinforcements, cementitious products and construction chemicals.

      DHGEDA's management is dedicated to producing customer driven products in the most efficent and cost  effective manner with total quality managements as its emphasis. DH GEDA believes that valued customers are the sole purpose of its existence and will make every effort to satisfy them through its commitment to quality, technology, and service. DH GEDA believes that its associates are the most valuable resource therefore it provides work environments whereemployees can meet their potential and thrive in an atmosphere of excellence. DH GEDA strives to be the industry standard in service to customers while maintaining a superior level of integrity in interactions with business partners and associates. DH GEDA appreciates its achievd success and conducts its business to realize reasonable returns for shareholders with the use of improved management practices through a committed teamof managers and staff.