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About Pioneer Diagnostic Center PLC

Pioneer is the only organization in Ethiopia that currently has both MRI and CT scan. We are an organization that continuously strives to improve the quality of service we deliver to patient and through them to our referring physicians. The 512 Kbps internet line we leased for use by our staff, the weekly lectures and case discussions the are held between our radiologist and our technologists, the performance and quality monitoring mechanisms we have put in place in collaboration with staff at Harvard Medical school are just a few of the things we have put in place to increase the capacity of our staff and consequently to improve and maintain the quality of our image and reports.

In addition to our effort to improve and maintain the quality of image and report produced at our center, we also pay attention to the comfort and satisfaction of our patients. It is for this reason we design our reception area to resemble a home as opposed to a medical facility and we have been serving tea and coffee to our patients. This cutting age concept is new not only to Ethiopia but also to medical facilities in most developed countries. We have now raised the bar even higher by increasing the size of our reception area and by providing free internet for our patients and their family while they wait for a scan. Hand in hand with our commitment to excellence we have also been doing our level best to our services as affordable as possible to those with limited or no income. The 40% discount we have for low income individuals is just one example of the initiatives we have to make our services affordable to our low income families.