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About Swiss Church Aid (HEKS/EPER) _ Ethiopia

About Swiss Church Aid/HEKS-EPER

Swiss Church Aid (HEKS/EPER) is the aid organisation of the Swiss Protestant Churches which champions the cause of a more humane and just world. Its projects, implemented in over 30 countries, combat the causes of hunger, injustice, and social distress. The dignity of every human being is central to our commitment. 

HEKS/EPER started supporting projects in Ethiopia in 1972 and is currently a key humanitarian and development partner for the Ethiopian government across five regions. HEKS/EPER works with vulnerable communities including female-headed households, internally displaced persons and pastoralists. Thematic areas of intervention include: water, hygiene, sanitation, food security, protection, emergency shelter, natural resource management, agroecology, market system development, and institutional engagement. 

Our Values

Based on the dignity of every human being, the following are HEKS/EPER core values: justice, self-determination, solidarity, help without ethnic, social, religious or other barriers, responsibility, participation, closeness to people and effective action. These values should be perceptible in all spheres: in programmes and projects, in fundraising and communications, and in dealings with employees and partners. 

Our Priorities

HEKS/EPER focuses on the four priorities of climate justice, the right to land and food, flight and migration, and inclusion/integration. 

Why Work with Us

HEKS/EPER offers an attractive work environment for a range of different professions. There are numerous technical specialists working together on over 250 projects in an interdisciplinary and cross-sectional manner at the HEKS/EPER headquarters in Zurich, in the six Branch offices and in more than 30 countries on four continents. We set great store by a stimulating work environment and the ongoing professional development of our staff. At HEKS/EPER, there are people all around the world working for people from all over the world – with commitment and competence.