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Course providers can either register online at, or register through telephone and send a complete signed and sealed copy of this subscription request form to Info Mind Solutions. Course providers will then be provided with a temporary user name and password to access the full features of the program.


Once Course providers have been issued with a temporary user name and password, course providers may request for a detailed group demonstration on the usage and features of to be provided by Info Mind Solutions at the course provider convenience.

Registered members (organizations) may not sublet, assign or apportion any part of their course advertisement subscription nor represent, advertise, or distribute literature or materials for the course advertisement benefits of any other firm or organization except as approved in writing by Info Mind Solutions.


Course providers should accompany the full payment along with this subscription request form. All payments should be made pay able to Info Mind Solutions Plc.

Technical Support

Info Mind Solutions will provide full technical support to the course providers upon request as well as inform the provider of any updates or changes to the system in due time.


Info Mind Solutions will maintain full confidentiality of course provider’s information and data, and may not alter any information posted by the provider at any time and in anyway.