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It’s fast and easy to create eye-catching online job-postings. Post your jobs and reach top candidates. get instant responses from applicants and manage your candidates using our professional recruiting tools. Job postings are available for 30 days from the day of posting. They expire one year after purchase date if not used.

1 Month CV Search

ETB 2000

  • Over 500,000 job seekers
  • Easy step by step posting

  • Total: ETB 2,000

3 Month CV Search

ETB 1200

  • Great Value
  • Use Your ad for 12 months

  • Total: ETB 6,000
  • Save: 40%

6 Month CV Search

ETB 840

  • Get Started Immediatley
  • Free Company profile

  • Total: ETB 8,400
  • Save: 56%

12 Month CV Search

ETB 630

  • Get Started Immediatley
  • Free Company profile

  • Total: ETB 12,600
  • Save: 69%

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