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International Medical Corps (IMC)


Why Work For Us?

A preeminent First Responder, International Medical Corps provides emergency relief to those hit by disaster, and offers the skills needed to rebuild stronger. We train people – giving communities the tools and knowledge to be self-reliant and be their own best First Responders when disaster strikes again.
At International Medical Corps, job satisfaction means immunizing the children of an entire village against polio. It means caring for people who have fled their homes and have little more to their names than the clothes they wear. It means training local nurses, doctors, and health care workers so they can provide quality care long after a crisis has subsided. Whether at our Los Angeles, California headquarters, our Washington, DC office, or in the field, International Medical Corps offers a wide variety of rewarding opportunities for professionals at all stages of their careers.
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Jobs at International Medical Corps (IMC)

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The Company

International Medical Corps focuses on the delivery of community-based primary health care.  We emphasize training and education, and prioritize hiring local staff – in fact, 96% of our field-based staff and health professionals are recruited from the local community. This helps to ensure that skills and knowledge are passed on and remain long after our programs have ended. Through the integration of specialties like emergency medicine, women’s health, nutrition services, water and sanitation, and mental health into the primary health care setting, we ensure that those we serve receive holistic, comprehensive care. The value of International Medical Corps’ integrated approach to community health and well-being and our emphasis on capacity building through training are critical for the long-term growth of conflict and natural disaster-affected communities and fragile states.
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To improve the quality of life through health interventions and related activities that strengthen underserved communities worldwide.


  • Sustainability in programming through ensuring quality, value and excellence in all international and domestic work.
  • Care for the communities we support enshrined in our commitment, responsibility and responsiveness to the needs and priorities for the communities we serve
  • Engagement through improving awareness and access to information, seeking out bold and innovative approaches to difficult and pressing challenges, and seizing opportunities for synergy through partnerships and collaboration.
  • Transparency as a result of our commitment to the communities we serve, through the establishment of productive working relationships and our pledge to operate openly and inclusively.
  • Accountability to the communities where International Medical Corps works, as well as with displaced persons and refugees.
  • Global Lessons harnessed to inform and improve future interventions by applying context-appropriate approaches where applicable, and avoiding pitfalls through lessons learned in previous experiences

Location: Addis Ababa Ethiopia

MEAL Specialist

Senior Level (5+ years experience)
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Full time job
International Medical Corps never asks job applicants for a fee, payment, or other monetary transaction. If you are asked for money in connection with this recruitment, please report to International Medical Corps at IMC website Website for reporting misconduct: . Please do not submit your CV or application to this website, it...